The Patriots SHOULD Sign Randy Moss

New England with Moss would be the team to beat in the NFL.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Look, we all know the story about how New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick got rid of wideout Randy Moss back in the middle of the 2010 season, trading him to the Minnesota Vikings, because, basically, he was like a locker room cancer that was threatening to tear apart his team. Moss then went on to two other teams that year, failing miserably at each, before finally announcing his retirement from the game.

That happened, but that's ancient history in football land, and now that Moss has announced his return to the NFL (done Monday for those not informed), well, I believe that the Patriots would be fools not to bring him back into the fold.

Listen, before you go and spout out that the Patriots would be better served grabbing someone like Reggie Wayne, look at the facts. Wideout is but one area where the Pats need to upgrade. They need to invest in their defensive secondary as well as possibly a pounder to get the tough yards on the ground. Plus they have a major free agent in Wes Welker who is just a perfect fit for Brady and that team. Re-signing him is going to take some cash, as is improving that D, so the thought of bringing back Moss for relatively cheap is a no-brainer.

Moss can give the Patriots the one thing that kept them from winning a title this year, a deep threat. Even at 35, Randy can still run a 4.3 and is easily still capable of being an elite receiver. He has always been a freakishly gifted athlete and with that speed and his 6' 4” frame, plus already having a rapport with QB Tom Brady, New England would be fools not to at least bring him in to see where his heads at.

And with that last sentence, we touch upon the downfall of Moss, and his only possible roadblock to a possible Pats reunion.

Back in 2010, Moss became the one thing that Bill Belichick preaches his team never to be, a distraction. Disappointed with a lack of a contract extension, Moss felt rejected and unwanted by New England and as anyone who has covered Moss can attest to, when Randy doesn't feel loved, Randy lets EVERYONE know it. He griped to the media and quit on the field, which led the Patriots to part ways with the troubled yet talented receiver.

But that was then and this is now.

I believe that the 2012 version of Moss would be humbler and more ready to accept the fact that he's older and would only be a part of the Patriots passing game, not it's entirety. In fact, if the right people are talking to him, he will realize that sharing catches with Gronkowski and Welker would only lead to an increase in production for him because defenders are going to have to respect the underneath throws, throws that led the Pats to the AFC crown last season, thus giving Moss one on one deep.

Yes, I believe that the right moves for the Pats this offseason would be to re-sign Welker, get Gronkowski tied up long term, and invest one more time in Randy Moss. If those three things are done, along with actually using their draft picks on decent defensive players, then the Patriots will be in line to return to the big game, and win this time.