Batman’s Court of Owls Madness

The secret Gotham City crimelords explode all over the Bat-titles when the #9s roll around for the New 52.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Birds of Prey #9

We told you about Batman Annual #1 and how it'll reveal to us the new origin of Mr. Freeze and his connection to the Court of Owls, the huge new threat that's been unfolding right under The Dark Knight's nose in Scott Snyder's Batman title.  Around the same time that issue comes out, the New 52 #9s will be as well, and if you're a title with any connection to Gotham City, chances are you'll be mixed up in the madness as Talon an the Owls go owlshizz all over town and get themselves into into everybody's business.

Check out this big slew of #9 covers for the Bat-centric titles, sporting tie-ins with the big Court of Owls crossover.  Even Jonah Hex is getting in on the action!



BATMAN #9 by Greg Capullo


Batman: The Dark Knight #9

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #9 by David Finch and Richard Friend


Batgirl #9

BATGIRL #9 by Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes



BATMAN AND ROBIN #9 by Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray


Nightwing #9

NIGHTWING #9 by Eddy Barrows


Birds of Prey #9

BIRDS OF PREY #9 by Jesus Saiz


Batwing #9

BATWING #9 by Marcos To


Catwoman #9

CATWOMAN #9 by Guillem March


Red Hood and the Outlaws #9

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #9 by Kenneth Rocafort


All-Star Western #9

ALL-STAR WESTERN #9 by Ladronn