5 Moar Epic Valentine’s Day Videos

Come Get VD with me!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Yes V-day is a day away, and while I already pointed out some of my personal favorite viral videos for the big VD, the youtube’s internet machine keeps pumping them out.

So here are 5 more epic Valentine’s Day videos to check out.


The Gentlemen's Rant: Valentine's Day

Here’s a quick lesson from a real man’s man, in the Gentleman’s rant. He lays it all out on the line, the up the downs, the candy centers, and wearing plaid the whole time. Thank you micro lumber jack for your insight and blunt brillance.


Well if that wasn’t enough to talk her out of celebrating Valentine’s Day.. maybe this will help.


Late Valentine's Day Surprise

It’s time to “do” the butt out of Vday.. all the way to the quarter machine at the mall. Bring it on!


Hot Valentines Day Gift

Youtube Russian hottie pattotie gives your ladies some V day tips about your tip!


and here’s one from the ladies to the guys.


Top 10 Tips To Avoid A Valentine's Day Disaster – Advice For Men… From Women

This tends to be a bit more, funny cause it’s true.. but at the very least you can probably fap to that.

Valentine's Day From Hell!!!


Lastly, Check out this interactive sketch from The Station. It’s got an all star web cast, starring Steve Green , Jason Horton, Shay Carl, Kassem G oh and some sexy ladies as well!

Because as we all know, no matter if you’re alone, single, dating, married… for all guys Valentine’s Day is Hell.