Xperia Active Phone

Need a phone to fit your active lifestyle? Check out the Xperia Active.

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Xperia Active

Do you know what my active life needs? I cell phone that fits the needs of such an existence. The Xperia Active is for these who like to take their cell phone calling to the…. EXTREME!!!!! (Note all the exclamation points to denote this concept.) In fact, on the phone’s box, it even shows the device situated in a puddle of water – fully functioning; probably the result of snowboarding of a K2 or surfing a Maverick wave. Or maybe someone accidentally dropped a delicious sorbet on top of their device – and that was the only photo the people at Sony Ericsson had for the box?

This phone is well-designed for your action sports needs. Hell, can’t you see yourself using the Xperia Active while popping a Mountain Dew while riding on your skateboard to a concert by the band Blink 182? (Okay, maybe not that band.) First off, know what I like about this phone? It comes with a protective skin that facilitates the protective-from-water process. It even has wet-finger tracking so you can operate your smartphone when your fingers are wet. But what about dust? No problem- dust is no match in the mano-el-mano match up with the Xperia Active – the device is completely dust resistant.

Basically this is a great smartphone alternate phone to use to compliment your sporty life. The Xperia Active’s 3-inch screen is the perfect size to lug around while jogging, with attachable ear hooks and an arm case and wrist strap to keep your phone close. There’s also a Micro USB cable for managing your media and a 2G-memory card for all your entertainment.

The Xperia Active Skinny:

  • Dust-proof and water-resistant design
  • Candy- bar form factor
  • 3 in screen size
  • 320×480-pixel touch screen
  • 5 megapixels camera resolution
  • Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi connectivity:
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  • 92x55x16.5 mm size
  • 110.8 g weight
  • 1GHz processor