Historectomy 23 Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

Al Capone was quite a lover himself...a lover of prostitutes and violence! Happy V-Day!!!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


As our way of being topical, we cover the mass execution of some Chicago gangsters! What else says love like The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre!? We also dip our feet into the fields of quantum physics, our favorite gangster movies, and how The Three Stooges tie into all of it. So grab the one you love and force some ear buds on them, it's Historectomy time!



Also in this episode: we paint you a “word picture” of love, gangsters are too sentimental to be prepared, The Three Stooges’ antics inspire gang violence, we dip our feet into “Godfather” lore, Christian gives a breakdown of Chicago geopolitics as it relates to baseball, how DO gang fights start?, pet stores served shots back in the 20's, Sam’s insecurity about historical knowledge finally shows itself, the Irish and Italians don’t like each other, The Murder Twins, Luca Braci uses Schrodinger’s Cat to blackmail a senator, Bugs Moran vs Al Capone the Cross Town Classic, Jesus Christ wields the ban hammer, why smoking wasn’t dangerous in the 20's, old tyme slang terms, we talk The Untouchables, the several uses of Canadian Mist, we revist Schrodinger’s Cat and it’s ability to confound policemen, and Sam and Christian talk about their favorite gangster movies! You’re the man now dog!!!