No Rest for the Nerdy – Vol. 53

The first big week of the year has come to an end, leaving us with too much to play this weekend.

Erik, Joey, Mike, Alex & Paulby Erik, Joey, Mike, Alex & Paul


We never stop playing video games. That’s a fact. Even after we call it quits for the week we still look forward to getting home and continuing our digital conquests. It’s our life blood. So we thought it would be fun to share with everyone what our gaming intentions are for the weekend so you guys can get a sense of what we're playing and enjoying on a weekly, non-formal basis. Yes, this concept isn't new to the internet. But hey, we kind of want to join in on the fun. Can you blame us for that? So without further ado, here’s what we’re playing this weekend that will forfeit any semblance of rest…

Feel free to sound off below to let us know what your gaming plans are this weekend.

paulPaul Tamburro (@PaulTamburro): So after reading news that the European release date of Twisted Metal has been pushed back to March in order to “appease European censors,” I will now overrule what I had previously said about not purchasing any new games before its release and instead throw my money at whatever new titles are available to ease my pain and frustration. So, err, that NeverDead looks… interesting… right?

Yeah, there’s not really a whole heap of new games out there at this point in the year that I feel compelled to dedicate my time to. “But Paul”, I hear you say, “there’s still games that you’ve yet to play, like The Old Republic and Kingdoms of Amalur!” and you’re right, those games do exist and I haven’t played them, but I’m not the kind of guy who finds pleasure in life-enveloping quests and leveling up. I’m the kind of guy who likes my games fast-paced. I’m the kind of guy who likes my action quick (pity my girlfriend). I’m the kind of guy who likes my games, well, a lot like Twisted Metal, really.

So damn you, European censorship board, for forcing the developers to lessen the violent content of the game. Just for that I’m going to hijack me an ice cream truck and take to the streets of London selling pipe bombs disguised as Cornetto’s.

joeyJoey Davidson (@JoeyDavidson): For the first time in a long time, I actually only have two games to sift through this weekend. Both of them are being done in an entirely leisurely way and with no need to provide coverage or thought.

First, I’m still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic with Mike. We recently looked at how much game time we’ve spent playing (and by “we” I mean “Mike”); it’s on the order of 17 hours. 17 hours in an MMORPG over the span of three or four weeks is nothing. There, I’m not an addict, YES!

Rhythm Heaven Fever will also stay in my rotation. The game is really, really fun. I aim to get medals and perfects on as many levels as I possibly can. It’s the kind of game I like to pick up in quick stints between other titles. I don’t play it for long, but I always play it with a big, dumb, goofy smile on my face. So, success for Nintendo as far as I’m concerned.

alexAlex Keen (@dbldn): I’m officially done with Super Mario Galaxy 2! Finally, I can say that I’ve finished every Mario console game except for Super Mario Sunshine. It wasn’t as hard as I expected, but there’s no way I’ll be trying to get all of the stars. Time is too precious for me to even attempt to be a completionist any longer. Finishing games is big enough of a time crunch to begin with!

With Mario in my rear view, I am ecstatic to start playing Shank 2 and Bastion. I don’t foresee finishing either of these any time soon but I plan on enjoying myself. I’ve heard great things from the boys here about Bastion, but Shank 2 has already sucked me in a bit. Erik gave me the heads up that the boss battles are tough; so, I’ll be on the look out for some future frustration.

Also, I was sent a review code for a new pinball table for Pinball FX2. The Hero Table is, apparently, a new spin on the traditional Pinball gameplay. I’m pretty psyched to check it out and will report back my findings next week!

Finally, I plan on finishing up (finally) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I still need to finish off Gideon Graves on the last stage. I might recruit my wife to lend a hand in co-op, but with our schedule I might be taking down this dastardly villain all by my lonesome. If only it had online play then one of you could help me!

mikeMike White (@theWhitestMike): Clearly, there’s always time for more Star Wars: The Old Republic. With my review completed and guildmates lagging behind on my Imperial server, most of my focus will be on leveling Smugglers with Joey. It’s a pain that we quickly out-level the quests we’re given, but overall, it’s a better experience than flying solo.

I recently downloaded Shank 2 from Origin. The game looks hilarious and would be a welcome break from all the RPGs I’ve played as of late. A standard brawler really breaks up the pacing of longer games.

That’s mostly it on my agenda currently. The Diablo 3 beta was short, but sweet. I would like to explore the rest of the classes when I have time. So far, the Witch Doctor is my favorite. It reminds me of a great mix of classes from Diablo 2 — one being the Necromancer. The beta is enough to give you a good idea of what the full version will be like, without spoiling the best parts.

erikErik Norris (@Regular_Erik): While I’ve already written my review for the Jak & Daxter Collection, I still have a solid chunk of that game to polish off, and that’s precisely what I’m going to find time to do this weekend. It has been an absolute blast revisiting those games, and it’s awesome that they all stand the test of time, including the original Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. Therefore, the Jak & Daxter Collection is #1 on my docket this weekend.

If I find time to break away from my ottsel obsession, I’ll be firing up RAGE to start that game over from scratch. I picked it up when it originally released last year, but it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since, pushed aside for games I needed to review during the fall rush. Now that I don’t have any games to cover in the coming week or so, RAGE will finally see some play time. At least, that’s the plan. There’s also a very good chance I’ll get distracted with something and RAGE will continue to collect dust.

Lastly, and this doesn’t really have anything to do with video games, but I might be making my first trip to a shooting range this weekend. For all the shooters I’ve played in my life, I’ve never actually fired a real pistol. That could change this weekend, and I’m pretty excited about it (but not in a serial killer type of way).