No Duncan In The All Star Game

San Antonio's Tim Duncan sees his streak broken as he misses out on an All Star nod for the first time.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

For the first time in his NBA history, San Antonio Spurs big man and future Hall of Famer, Tim Duncan, did not get an All Star bid.

Ok, for many, you might be shrugging your shoulders in a 'so' type of fashion but this is honestly a really big deal. This snub, and yes it's a snub despite the fact that Tim's numbers have declined some in his latter years. Even reduced to 28 minutes a game this season, the steady Duncan is averaging 13.9 points and 8.3 rebounds a game.  Adjusted to 40 minutes per game, his numbers would outperform All-Star starter Andrew Bynum and reserve Marc Gasol.

No, this snub is a huge deal because it snaps a string of selections that goes back to Duncan's rookie year. That's 13 straight appearances for those counting with twelve of those coming as a starter in the game. In fact, those 12 consecutive starts were just one shy of the NBA record which is 13 by Bob Cousey.

Let's face it, Duncan's declining numbers weren't to blame for his lack of selection, it's his soft spoken demeanor that betrayed him. The fact is that, like all games of this nature, it's mainly a popularity contest when it comes to final selections and all Duncan does is be professional, or otherwise known as, boring.

I'm not ripping on Tim with that boring remark but compared to the average NBA star of his stature, his professional demeanor is a stark difference and one that doesn't garner him any attention at all. That's perfect if you have him on your team but it also allows him to go mainly unnoticed by everyone off of it.

Duncan is one of the best to ever play the game, and also one of the most unrecognized as well. Even in the professional circle, with those who are paid to notice players and accomplishments, it's not hard to forget that the big man is still balling in San Antonio. I go back to the word quiet with him and that about sums it up, quiet.

He, like the Spurs, are a quiet bunch who have quietly been one of the premier Western Conference powerhouses for over a decade. They have quietly held onto a contenders position linger than just about everyone.

And, in true Duncan fashion, he will remain quiet about this snub and quietly go back to doing what he does best, winning games. Even though he deserves to be on this years All-Star squad.

Sorry, I can't be as quiet as him.