4th and Goal: Offseason Questions Pt. 1

Taking a look at some of the issues facing NFL teams this offseason.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

How big a contract can Drew Brees expect to nab?

In one of the rarest of occurrences, a top flight quarterback is set to hit the free agent market. Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints is in position to test the free agent waters if he so wanted to but in reality, it's only a matter of time before the Saints can come up with a figure high enough to lure back their most valued asset. Brees and the Saints are a match made in Heaven for both sides so look for Drew to sign a deal that is in line with the 5 year $90 million one signed by Peyton Manning last summer. Hopefully he can live up to it better than Peyton.


Where will prized free agent Matt Flynn end up?

There is a growing buzz over Packers backup Matt Flynn and any team that is in need of a QB has added to it in recent weeks. Flynn, who lit up the Lions in the season finally this year, will land a starting gig this summer but probably not before the whole Peyton Manning fiasco is settled. Look for Flynn to land in either Miami or Washington with a contract that will pay him in the ballpark of 6 years, $65 mil.


How much did those late drops really cost Wes Welker?

Besides potentially costing the Patriots the SuperBowl, though it takes four quarters to make a game, not a few plays, those drops may cost Welker a lot of money as well. Welker is in line for a new contract this offseason and coming off of two straight SuperBowl losses, many are thinking that Pats owner Robert Kraft may be looking to go in a new direction with his receiving corps. Welker and Brady are a deadly combo, don't get me wrong, but the money spent on him could be used to bring in one or two receivers with big-play speed, something sorely missing from the Pats offense in recent years. Basically, don't expect Welker back with the Pats unless he can shave off some dough on what he's looking for.


Is there any doubt all eyes are on Indianapolis this Summer?

The Indianapolis Colts were the story of the season even while this great playoffs were going on and they will continue to be this offseason. With the public comments getting more snarky, it's inevitable that Manning has played his last ball in Indy, as sad as that fact is. The Colts also have a decision to make at wideout as both Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon are unrestricted free agents. More than likely, the younger Garcon will get the franchise tag if a deal can't be made.