Mighty Boosh Movie Is Finally In The Works

Noel Fielding confirms that work on the Boosh film is underway.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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Noel Fielding, one half of the duo behind the cult favourite TV series The Mighty Boosh, has confirmed that the first steps have been made towards the much-anticipated feature-length film of the surrealist show.

Rumours concerning a Boosh film have circulated steadily over the years, but now it seems as though Fielding and his co-star Julian Barratt are finally on their way to following it through. Speaking in an interview, Fielding said: "I saw Julian, we went sledging together so we were talking about a Boosh where we should get together and do a film, finally!"

He added: "There'll definitely be sledging in the Boosh film, there'll have to be won't there?"

Fielding has been busy with his latest project 'Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy', a disjointed sketch show that mixes Fielding's trademark brand of irreverent humour with a whole host of musical references (the latest episode featured a claymation Joey Ramone being wheeled around on a skateboard by Dee Dee Ramone) and unique visual stylings. The show has received mixed reviews from critics, not unlike the reaction to the first series of the Boosh. 

Fans have suggested that Luxury Comedy was Fielding's way of firmly separating his ties with comedy partner Barratt, but he has denied these claims.

I personally have enjoyed what I have seen of Luxury Comedy thus far and think it will greatly benefit from another series, which Channel 4 have thankfully already commissioned. As was the case with the Boosh, Luxury Comedy's host of bizarre characters take some getting used to and a few of its ideas are too off-the-wall to really hit the mark, but hopefully now that the Boosh movie has been all but confirmed fans will be relieved enough to give Fielding a chance with something different.

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