Dreamworks is Actually Remaking ‘Rebecca’

Alfred Hitchcock's only Best Picture winner is coming back to the big screen. Yay...?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Despite the enormous remake craze these days, it seems that Hollywood has more-or-less agreed to leave the classics alone. We're getting a 'reimagining' of The Wizard of Oz in the form of Sam Raimi's Oz, The Great and Powerful, but the original musical classic is being left the f*ck alone. Nobody seems to be interested in redoing To Kill a Mockingbird either. But that gentleman's agreement may be coming to an end. Heck, a remake of Gentleman's Agreement might even be next.

Yes, it seems that Dreamworks has decided to remake Rebecca, Alfred Hitchcock's first American production and the only one of his films to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, although four others were nominated. It can be argued that the film isn't technically a 'remake' since technically, Dreamworks has only purchased the rights to adapt Daphne du Maurier's gothic romance novel – about a new bride haunted by the ghost of her husband's dead wife. But really, we're splitting hairs. Hitchcock was extremely faithful to his source material, at the insistence of producer David O. Selznick, so even though the Variety announcement claims that new screenwriter Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) "will go back to the original book," it's not like that's going to lead to any major story changes, aside from the ending, which had to be tweaked a bit to bypass the oppressive Hollywood Production Code.

The question of who could direct such a film, and stand up to the legitimately classic Alfred Hitchcock original (not to mention Hitchcock's legacy as a whole), is a big one and we're curious to see who's comfortable stepping up to the plate. Something tells us Gus Van Sant won't be on Dreamworks' short list…

CraveOnline will be back with more Rebecca news after we dream of Manderley again.