Will Ferrell: The NBA Announcer

[VIDEO]  The New Orleans Hornets may not be winning games, but they're winning at life.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Back in the days of Jordan, player intros were akin to rock concerts.  The iconic music would begin to play in Chicago.  The lights would dim and the Bulls logo would flash and spin across the court.  The intro was almost more exciting than the game.  Then again, that was a Bulls team with names like Jordan and Pippen and something we like to call a winning season.  When a lame duck team like the New Orleans Hornets does their intros what do fans really have to cheer for?  Last night the Hornets recognized how much of a joke they were and brought out funny-man Will Ferrell to do the intros "however he pleased". 



Photo Credit: C.Smith/ WENN.com