Goodbye, Fabio Capello

The controversial England boss has resigned.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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Fabio Capello has this evening resigned as England manager. Now football fans across the UK must desperately search for someone else to blame for the failings of the England squad.

Capello’s decision came after he was called to a meeting by the FA, following the complaints he made about them concerning their decision to strip John Terry of the captains armband. The FA decided to take the captaincy from Terry without first consulting Capello, who then used an interview on an Italian TV station to berate their decision.

Speaking to Italpress about the situation, Capello said: "They really insulted me and damaged my authority. What really hit me and forced me to take this decision was the fact the much-vaunted Anglo-Saxon sense of justice, as they are the first to claim that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

“In Terry's case, they gravely offended me and damaged my authority at the head of the England side, effectively creating a problem for the squad. I have never tolerated certain crossing of lines, so it was easy for me to spot it and take my decision to leave."

The FA released a statement concerning the situation, saying that Capello will “leave the post of England manager with immediate effect” and that they have “accepted Fabio’s resignation, agreeing this is the right decision”.

So who will take his place? The rumours are piling in thick and fast, but most fingers seem to be pointing in the direction of Harry Redknapp – but will Redknapp really want to risk his position as manager of a rejuvenated Spurs for the post at the flailing national squad? Well to be honest with you I don’t really know, so here’s a picture of Capello in a speedo to lighten the mood.

Goodbye, sweet prince.


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