Top 7 Animal Football Pitch Invaders

C'mon, they only want to join in!

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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Every now and again there is a magical moment when an animal will capture the hearts of the nation by being all fluffy 'n' cute and invading a football pitch. Sometimes this ends well (see number 3) and sometimes this ends poorly for them (see number 7), but either way we still enjoy seeing it because it allows us to feel manly whilst simultaneously watching something that is, like, totez adorable.

Here are the 7 best animal pitch invasions.


Anfield Cat

Since a stray tabby cat sauntered onto the pitch during the Liverpool vs. Spurs game a couple of days ago he has become a viral sensation, with his ‘official’ Twitter account amassing over 20,000 followers. Typical tweets include  “just had villas boas on the phone asking me to teach fernando torres how to get in the box” and “in my 3 minute cameo I've ran past more players than Stewart Downing has all season”.

The cat has since been named ‘Kenny’ after Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish.


An Embarrassment To The Force

No matter how obedient your dog is, the sight of a rogue ball will always have it running like Forrest Gump on meth. This police dog is no exception, who thoroughly embarrasses its trainer by running onto the pitch and making a nuisance of itself.


Man's Best Friend

If there is one greater vice that a dog has other than chasing balls, it’s being tickled behind the ear. Witness this dog angrily trying to fend off the goalkeeper but coming to a grinding halt when said goalkeeper administers the ear tickle. If you pause the video 22 seconds in you can witness in the dogs eyes the exact moment it is experienced unbridled pleasure.


Squirrel In The Spotlight

There’s not a lot to do if you’re a squirrel. Your everyday basic tasks are eating, sleeping and running away from everything in your line of vision. So when this squirrel makes its way onto the vast expanse of a football pitch and finds itself being watched by hundreds of adoring fans, it decides to break free of the shackles of its mundane life and put on a show for everyone.

Sure, this show might have solely consisted of the squirrel running round and round in circles and dizzying itself, but it’s the thought that counts. You go, squirrel!


Bird With Stage Fright

In sharp contrast to the fame hungry squirrel, this bird makes its way onto the pitch and then finds itself struck by an unconquerable bout of stage fright. Watch as it forgets how to fly, embarrassing itself in front of thousands of people before having to be escorted off by security.


And Not A Single F*** Was Given That Day…

All of the animal pitch invaders I have shown you thus far have been escorted off the pitch quickly and sufficiently. However, the same cannot be said for this owl, who manages to piss off everyone from players to cameramen without one single interruption.

Watch as he sits on the goalpost, looking down at the puny footballers. It’s like a something from Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Raven’, only instead of a bereft and disturbed man sitting in his study its 22 overpaid blokes kicking a ball about in shorts.


Last Straw Duck

Sometimes having your job interrupted by an animal isn’t cute or funny. Sometimes you just want to take that animal and throw it like a baseball, sending out a warning signal to any other animals watching at home who are thinking of running onto the pitch during the next local derby and making a nuisance out of themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Last Straw Duck.


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