Kevin Love Out For Two Games

Kevin Love suspended for two games for a stomp to the head.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The league handed down a two games suspension this morning to the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Kevin Love for stomping on Houston’s Luis Scola during a game Sunday. The funniest part of the whole thing is the refs didn’t even call a foul on the play during the game. Yet, it is evident when the video is reviewed that Love steps on Scola and although Love denies it, it looks pretty intentional.

The buildup to this may have come in the last meeting between Minnesota and Houston when Scola rifled the ball at Love’s groin from two feet away. Love fell to the ground in obvious pain. It’s interesting to note that this play also received no foul call, but apparently Love has a long memory and was planning a little payback on Sunday. I for one think it would be hard to forget someone throwing a basketball directly at my groin from point blank range. In fact, I think most men polled probably believe Scola’s offense even if accidental is far more heinous.

And let us be exactly clear what Love’s offense was. Although ESPN commentators proclaimed that Love stomped on Scola’s face. That’s entirely false, unless Scola’s face is located between his ribs. In the video Love clearly steps on Scola chest, not face. Why the commentator blurts out face is anyone’s guess. Maybe he failed anatomy in college. Maybe his face is actually located beneath his neck, which would explain his sticking to radio commentary and not television. Whatever the case, it wasn’t really all that dramatic of a stomp.

The bottom-line for the Timberwolves is now they will be without their top scorer and rebounder for two games. They take on Sacramento and Memphis. They could definitely use his for Memphis, but should be able to hold off the Kings minus Love. Just to show Love hasn’t lost his love for Scola, after the game he went to the locker room and apologized for the stomp. Can’t we all just get along?