FA Are Wrong To Sack John Terry, Says Fabio Capello

The controversial decision has frustrated the England boss.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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England boss Fabio Capello has spoken out against the Football Associations’ decision to relieve John Terry of his duties as captain of the England squad, saying that he believes Terry “could have kept the captain's armband."

The defender was stripped of the band following the alleged racist remarks he made to QPR’s Anton Ferdinand. Although the court date to decide whether Terry is guilty of the charge levelled against him is set for July 9th of this year, the FA have decided to pre-emptively demote him from his position before the Euro 2012 tournament begins on June 8th.

Speaking of Terry’s sacking, Capello said: "The FA's decision does not find me in agreement. Absolutely not. I spoke with the chairman and I told him I don't think someone can be punished until it becomes official.

"The court will decide. It's going to be civil justice, not sports justice, to decide if John Terry committed the crime he is accused of. I thought it fair that John Terry keeps the captain's armband."

Capello is returning to England from Italy this week to engage in talks with FA chairman David Bernstein. It is likely that he will hand over captaincy duties to midfielder Steven Gerrard, who is an obvious yet risky choice considering his long track record with injuries.

The FA’s decision led to Anton Ferdiand’s brother Rio Ferdinand receiving boos from Chelsea fans following Manchester United and Chelsea’s spectacular 3-3 draw yesterday (February 5th). Following the game the defender later went on Twitter to speak out about his hostile reception, tweeting: "I got booed by the CFC fans today. Well done guys, thanks for inspiring me and the lads. That's like fuel to me."

Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas stated the boos were "a normal situation in the Premiership". John Terry watched the game from the stands due to a knee injury. 


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