Here I Is

Mark Cuban stands up in protest of poor NBA officiating.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

“I mean the officiating is ridiculous. Someone needs to stand up and say something. So here I is.”

These were Cuban’s exact words according to ESPN. Cuban was pissed following the Mavs loss to the Thunder 86-95. In his defense a number of people were pissed about the officials that night. Mavs head coach Rich Carlisle was ejected from the game in the 4th quarter after receiving his second T for his punting the basketball 20 rows deep.

To call Mark Cuban a controversial owner is like saying Gisele Bundchen is kind of cute. Cuban has been a maverick owner in the NBA from day one. He speaks his mind and pays the fines to back it up. Some things never change. Gisele is still scorching hot and Cuban is still yapping about how the NBA needs to change.

This time his wrath is targeted at the refs and the poor accountability the NBA has on how poor officiating is handled. Cuban will be the first to point out that the condensed season this year has not only had an impact on the players, but also on the refs who are missing more calls than ever. He believes the NBA needs to have more accountability for the quality of referees they put on the floor.

Cuban’s biggest points of contention were on critical drives at the end of the game by Jason Terry and Rodrigue Beaubois that were no calls. Cuban later said he didn’t have a problem with Carlisle’s punting the basketball and getting ejected or the heavy fine he was fairly certain he would soon be paying to the NBA for speaking out. In his mind, nothing changes unless someone says something and Cuban will be the first to point out “Here I is.”