Big Game Weekend At The Bud Light Hotel

Your favorite guys from CraveOnline, Nash and Alex, are here in Indianapolis to party all weekend long leading up to the big game! 

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington


The roar of the crowd swells through the packed stadium. The players wait in a dark tunnel, smoke billowing onto the field. A group of friends pop tops off of new, cold beers as they sit in front of a big screen TV. A father chases his son into the living room to introduce him to the game he has loved his entire life.

Fireworks blast into the air. The crowd erupts into a frenzy as two teams emerge from the haze.  It is time.  This is the Super Bowl.

I will humbly admit that parts of this illustrious depiction of the big game are just in my imagination. It’s not like I’ve never been to a big sporting event before, but I have definitely never been to the Super Bowl. Until now.

That’s right, I’m going to Indianapolis! In fact I’m typing this article on my flight. We have a layover in Charlotte, NC. Never understood that. Fly from Los Angeles to Charlotte just to turn around and fly halfway back across the country to Indianapolis, but I digress.  

My first Super Bowl experience won’t be just any regular old, tickets to the big game and stay at a Motel 6 next to the freeway to save money so I can buy $25 beers at the stadium.  No, I am headed to Indy for the full Bud Light Experience.  Let me explain.  The moment me and my trusty sidekick Alex, camera man and editing genius, touch down in Indy, we’ll be rushed to the Bud Light Hotel in down town Indianapolis.  What you have just read is not too good to be true.  Bud Light has completely taken over a hotel in downtown Indianapolis, just blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium!  And yes, we are staying there, livin’ it up like VIP high rollers.  After 3000 man hours, the have turned 180 rooms into Bud Light heaven for 360 guests.  Of course Alex and I are the highest rolling of all VIP's as usual.  Let's take a quick look.

I haven't asked God yet, but I'm pretty sure this is what the pearly gates look like…

Oh and you say I will have a place to relax AND and place to party?  Yes please.

The best part is, all the parties we’re going to this weekend are inside the Bud Light Hotel!  Thank you very much, life.  

Of course we are not going to be selfish and keep all the fun to ourselves.  We’ll be documenting the entire experience in Indianapolis over the next four days, bringing you the coolest coverage of Super Bowl XLVI.  For those of you who understand roman numerals about as well as I do, that’s 46.

Anyway, here’s the schedule.

  • Thursday:  EA Sports Madden Bowl and of course the after party.  You’ll be able to check out the coverage on Friday!
  • Friday:  The Playboy Party…  Do I need to give you more info to convince you to check out the video on Saturday morning?  Maybe saturday afternoon…  Hey, you can’t blame me for pulling a late night on this one ok?!
  • Saturday:  Bud Light Concert with 50 Cent, Pitbull and Lil’ Jon.  This will be streamed live, so be sure to look out for that on our site.
  • Sunday:  Tailgate pre-game with the Barenaked Ladies.  Hell yes, they’re still tearin’ it up after all these years.  And of course the game of all games, Super Bowl XLVI.

Be sure to check back for all the great footage of our fun in Indianapolis on our Super Bowl page!

Also, I'll be uploading videos and photos from my iPhone to the CraveOnline Facebook page all weekend so you can get a first person view of awesomeness.

One last thing really quick, Bud Light has a beautiful correspondant that will be showing us all the cool stuff thoughout the hotel this weekend so definitely head over to Bud Light's Facebook page and check out Leila Mahadin!

Ok, they just said I have to put this computer away now.  Thank God for in-the-air WiFi.  We’ll be back with more soon!



Full disclosure: Our hotel stay was provided by Bud Light, but no other compensation was provided.