Historectomy 22 Wait, Who Gave Me LSD? …MKULTRA!

We cover the secret C.I.A. experimentation section MKULTRA. And Dick Helms drops Acid in our drinking water. Now we think the fax machine is our dad.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Sam and Christian go on a bad trip with secret Cold War project experimentation! This is the terrifying and yet totally awesome history of MKULTRA. We cover drugs, unlawful experiments, and covert weapons development. Also, we get it confused with Mortal Kombat right out of the gate!  Join us!


Also in this episode: MKULTRA not the latest version of Mortal Kombat…but it’s far more violent, heartbreak thy name is Mortal Kombat Live, Green Day’s Dookie album changed Christian’s life, Devil Nazi Space Program UFO Laser Project, the C.I.A.’s crack writing staff, the fashion arms race escalation, “baton down the hatches…Dick Helms is comin’!”, concussive sound waves that erase your memory, MKULTRA harnesses the power of LSD and possibly the Darkside, Frank and Bill’s LSD office pranks, trigger words for Manchurian candidates, “Operation Midnight Climax” IS what you think it is and is somehow BETTER than what you think it is, protecting America means filming people having gay sex on drugs, the government is pretty good at getting rid of documents…unless it isn’t, the hosts talk about their own drug use, telekenetic geese: stupidest X-Men villain or the best?, we simulate an LSD experience for you, and Christian and Sam are the most handsome men in radio! God bless America!