AFL Crows Come To Blows

Teammates put the boxing gloves on and a Melbourne legend says goodbye

Robert Whiteby Robert White

For the first time in quite a while the footy world turned its attention to Adelaide as members of the media were treated to front row seats while Crows teammates Taylor Walker and Matthew Jaensch came to blows.

The players were separated on two different occasions with Walker knocking down Jaensch with a punch.

Not finished there, the two began publically bagging each other on Twitter. Jaensch piped up, "@texwalker13 really disappointed today with ur actions. Time to grow up Taylor. Your not at broken hill anymore", with Taylor responding, "@matt_jaensch I despise what u did at training today. Memory bank for sure!!"

With this being about the only news coming out of Adelaide footy wise, the event will create a bit of stir, but is it really that relevant? The coaching staff claim it’s a positive sign that younger players, such as Jaensch and Walker are demonstrating more aggression, but at the end of the day Adelaide (and cross town rival Port) will likely continue to suck and . The two players clearly have a problem with one another and it would be beneficial for the squad to have the pair resolve their differences rather than be a distraction for the rest of the playing group. It may seem like a minor issue, but these things aren’t and can twist and disrupt teammates’ bonds.  

Some other classic fights between teammates include the brawl featuring the Mississippi State basketball team, players from AFL team Carlton going at each other and here is a top-10 of teammates fighting that somebody compiled.

In other footy news, Melbourne president Jim Stynes has stepped down from his position in order to spend more time with his family as he battles cancer. The move coincided with a cancer related operation he had on Monday. The former football legend constructed a young team poised for future success since taking over the position during a rough patch for the club in 2008.