Lakers Demolish Bobcats

Lakers beat the Bobcats into submission.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

After the first quarter of play the Lakers were up 30 to 18 on the Bobcats and 60 to 36 at half. In fact, the first time Kobe came out of the game for a breather he was individually leading the Bobcats 18 to 15. To say this was a one-sided affair is like calling the Hindenburg a minor a tiny fire hazard. 

The Final score ended up being 106 to 73 and it wasn’t even really that close. After the Lakers monster first half lead, Gasol and Bryant sat much of the game. Kobe still ended up with 24 and Bynum went for 20 points and 11 boards, but the real opponent in this game for the Lakers was boredom.

The entire second half was a comedy of errors and disinterest. The Bobcats actually outscored LA in the 3rd quarter 22 to 13 before the Lakers took offense and once against smashed the puny Bobcats 33 to 15 in the 4th

The Bobcats were lead by Henderson with 14 points and Walker with 12. Yes, those were there point leaders. No, this is not YMCA 7th grade basketball. When is the last time you heard an NBA team’s point leader only having 14 points? The Bobcats are 3-19 on the year. The question on everyone’s mind is whom on earth could they possibly have beaten? Actually, they beat Golden State, Milwaukee, and the Knicks.

Wait, aren’t the Knicks supposed to be loaded this year with Anthony and Stoudamire? Aren’t they poised for a charge at the Eastern Conference title?

Well, it’s a good thing they don’t have to go through the Bobcats. This team’s only hope is the NBA adopts a mercy rule. Hey, MMA has a tap out rule. I think everyone would agree it would be best if the Bobcats at least had the option to tap the ref on the shoulder and ask for a mercy whistle to end it.