This is REALLY Happening PERIOD #5

Who wants to try Bath Salts? Nobody? Good idea. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Every 28 days Tim Powers & Sax Carr return with more DOOMED stuff.

Yes DOOMED!  Yes, the first month of 2012 comes to an end with the boys reviewing what happens when you ingest the mystical, magical, sometimes LEGAL drug known euphemistically as "Bath Salts!". All on This is REALLY Happening, the Internet’s most Schadenfreude-iest show!

To put a fine point on it: Bath Salts are NOT cool. This episode is why. Not only does it make people go crazy, but its suprizingly under-funny. So please don't use Bath Salts. Because this was hard to do. Wow. 


This is REALLY happening… PERIOD!


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WARNING This Show Contains Adult Humor  WARNING
WARNING This Episode Contains Adult Humor WARNING

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