Are We There Yet? – Off to Burma

We look in to travelling to Burma.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

I have a lot of journalist and photography friends in the biz, and one of them travels the globe on a regular basis shooting weddings and coordinating fashion shoots – she gets to see everything, from the deserts in Egypt to the jungles in Thailand, flats in London and beaches in New Zealand, and her most recent excursion was to Burma.

And not a day after she left I get a press release for an Asian tour company called Asia Transpacific Journeys offering amazing tours in Burma (also known as Myanmar). The Southeast Asian jewel has undergone a myriad of changes, politically and socially, and is opening its doors to the outside world. “A new era of openness and optimism is dawning in Burma, akin to what Europe experienced at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989,” said Marilyn Downing Staff, founder of Asia Transpacific Journeys, in an official press release – she pioneered trips to Burma in the ‘80s. “Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi announced she will run for a seat in parliament, which is a great indicator of Burma’s monumental change."

A beautiful traditional culture remains almost untouched by modern influences. Exquisite temples, crumbling pagodas and pristine islands await discovery. The lovely rural countryside is home to some of the most welcoming people in Asia. Fabulous restored colonial villas and boutique hotels in traditional style dot the land.

Here's a description of the tours offered by Asia Transpacific Journeys.

Burma – Land of the Golden Pagoda has been their signature tour for over 20 years. The perennial bestseller is an in-depth immersion into a remote and exotic land, melding classic sights with seldom-seen destinations.

Burma and Bhutan – Tradition and transformation travels to Asia’s two most isolated countries for an extraordinary immersion into their ancient traditions and current transformations.

On Burma’s Frontiers will be hot off the press, a new trip for late 2012. It goes where no tour operator has gone before, to extremely remote destinations, visits tribal villages, and takes a luxurious cruise on a remote section of the Irrawaddy River.

Visit or call 1-800-642-2742to Journey Beyond the Ordinary™ to Myanmar.


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