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Mythic creatures abound, from zombies to mermaids, time travelers and more!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


It’s a mad mad mad world, of weirdness, mermaids, zombies and super Mario. Get your video fix today!


College Humor – Maidmer (link)

Finally a sketch that brings out the scarey truth about the mythic beauties, the mermaids. Part woman, part fish, and oysters for all! Wait, what does that even mean?


Dailymotion  – The Walking Dead + Growing Pains (link)

Yes! The best of the 80’s and the 10’s together at last in this Growing pains, walking dead mash up! Now who’s gonna make the Different Strokes, True Blood mashup? What’chew talkin’ ‘bout Sookie?!

Now let’s take a comedy break with for the fail of the day


Break  – Washing Machine Gets Obliterated (link)

I’m sure the 2000 hits this video got was worth the washing machine that was destroyed.


Dorkly – Mario is Too Mainstream (link)

Mario comes face to face with some more jumping game heros, to find out that he can’t hang with the cool kids, just the goomba’s.


Funny Or Die – Cream – Time Flies (link)

Cream is sketch group made up of some great improvisers who came up through LA’s Upright Citizens Brigade. They’ve made a lot of great videos and this is ano exception, though it’s even more meta then typical. It’s got a great group of improvisers in it: Sergio Cilli, Casey Feigh, Betsy Sodaro, Jacob Womack, Jason Sheridan, Allison Fields, Danny Cohen, Jake Goldman, Mary Holland, Mano Agapion, Julia Bellows & David Harber



well I hope that got your pants all creamy.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and go do some dirty laundry!

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