Bogut’s Foot Sets Bucks Back

Andrew Bogut is injured yet again and will miss a significant amount of time

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Australian basketball star Andrew Bogut has suffered another injury, this time it’s a fractured ankle and could cause him to miss the remainder of the 2011-12 season.

Bogut injured the ankle in last week’s win over the Houston Rockets and it is the latest incident in a long line of injuries to the valuable big man. He has only managed 12 games this season, missing time due to a concussion and to tend to a family matter in Australia.

Since the 2008-09 season Bogut has averaged just 56 games per season. In that year a back injury caused him to miss 43 games and in 2009-10 a fall resulted in a dislocated elbow, sprained right wrist and a broken hand that disrupted the Bucks surge towards the playoffs and caused him to miss the season’s most important stretch.

While one would never confuse Bog’s stats with, say, a Dwight Howard he is, when healthy, a top-five center in the league and his value to the Buck’s organization goes much deeper than any statistical category.

Those stats by the way: 11.3 points, 8.3 rebounds and two blocks in just 30 minutes per game are nice, especially for a guy who was still working towards 100% health and fitness, but since recently returning to the Bucks lineup the team has put together a nice win streak by gathering their first road wins of the season against a few tough opponents, including the Miami Heat.

The Bucks still feature some talent, including the ever improving Brandon Jennings and a host of solid role players, but their front court is paper thin and in order to make the playoffs, and succeed there, they need Bogut back and healthy.