Miami Handles The Cavs

Cleveland’s quest to beat LeBron comes up short again.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Tonight was the State of the Union address, but more than all that deficit, election, waning global power who-ha was the Cleveland vs. Miami (aka Cleveland vs. LeBron) game. Cleveland’s essentially become a shell of an NBA team minus LeBron, so the only thing they have left to really pray for I their nightly prayers is somehow avenging the King’s departure with a Miami upset.

Yes, the always-optimistic city of Cleveland was hosting LeBron and the Heat minus Dwade. Could this be the Cavaliers chance to stick it to their once anointed king? Nope. Not quite. Almost, but … not at all. Err, … keep dreaming Cleveland.

That’s right, even with Dwade out of the entire game, Cleveland playing at home, LeBron having a marginal game, and the State of the Union address hopefully distracting Miami into their concern for international and domestic policy, the Cavs couldn’t muster a win. Lets be real, Cleveland couldn’t beat Miami if they played with 3 players a goldfish named Blanch, and Alan Alda.

Miami was led by the 3rd option in Miami’s Big Three, Chris Bosh who went off on the Cleveland defense. Bosh dropped in 35 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 block. Most of Bosh’s work was done with his mid-range jumper he’s mastered. He is a true outside big-man and showcased why on Tuesday night.

To say LeBron garnered most of the attention from the Cleveland defense would be an understatement and although he didn’t have MVP worthy numbers, LeBron still managed 8-21 shooting for 18 pts and 5 rebs. A mere mortal’s night by the King’s standards and definitely under his season average of 29.7 ppg, 56% from the field, 8 reb, and 7 assists. Yeah, in case you missed it, LeBron has been going off for some serious MVP worthy numbers in 2012, but not against Cleveland. Maybe LeBron was off because he still felt sorry for the town that crowned him. Maybe he was simply listening to a live-caste of Obama’s State of the Union on his IPod under his jersey and couldn’t focus. Either way, Miami proved that even under the worst circumstances imaginable they are definitely better that the Cavs. That fact is undeniable no matter who you vote for.