Wanna See the ‘Avengers’ Quinjet?

And what the hell, we'll throw in the SHIELD Helicarrier too... in toy form, anyway.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The Avengers is only a few months away, so the news is coming in a little faster now. Shortly after Kevin Feige flatly denied the ubiquitous rumors that the Skrulls would be making an appearance, we now seem to know something that will be in the film. Two things, actually: the famous Avengers Quinjet, which everyone seems to be making a rather big deal of, and the SHIELD Helicarrier, which is the first confirmation we've heard that it's officially in the film. The Helicarrier is, essentially, a giant aircraft carrier that hovers above the United States. Wow. Is that why gas prices are so expensive?

Unfortunately, the images we have are not from the Avengers movie, but rather the Avengers toy line, via SuperHeroHype. Our favorite things are the descriptions, which try to clarify what exactly a Quinjet is by adding, "Like a sky cycle!" You know, like those sky cycles we're all so intimately familiar with, and have in our backyards. We think we've seen flashes of Quinjet in the first trailer, but the Helicarrier is new, and would be suspicious except we're assured that it "Features heavily in the upcoming Avengers movie as our heroes [sic] base." And if you can't trust Hasbro, who can you trust?

Enjoy these (unfortunately small) looks at the Quinjet and Helicarrier, and click on over to SuperHeroHype to find out what the heck a "Stark Tek Battle Vehicle" is!