Miami Hate Is Cooling In Cleveland

Two seasons after the 'Decision', it's back to business for this fan.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Tuesday night, tonight, gives us the first meeting of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat this season and Cavs fans it's first brush with their former King. LeBron James, in 2012. Last season, these meetings were meant with anger and regret, a rather heated affair between one man and his multitude of scorned fans. This year, however, I for one can't just seem to bring out the anger that was so readily available in the past, and I think I can speak for the majority of my fellow Cleveland fans in saying that they are in the same boat as I in this regard.

Is this a sign of growing up or have we finally reached the final stage in our recovery, the one of acceptance?

I'm taking the high road here and saying that Cavaliers fans, the majority, have lost their overwhelming hatred because frankly, James isn't worth it. Since leaving Cleveland, every flaw that was masked with the inferior team he had here has been brought to light. The guy is not a leader and he's not the person you want your game depending on in the fourth quarter. He's childish and attention seeking to go with passionless and unmotivated.

I am not knocking on LeBron here out of hate because the evidence of all this is right there to be found in the disappearance in last years finals to the interviews and the missed opportunities this year.

Sometimes, it is exactly what it is and this is clearly one of those times.

For Cleveland, they have turned the page and has done that in a positive way. Number 1 pick Kyrie Irving is shaping up to be an elite point guard, showing flashes of brilliance in the early going, and with the youth on this team, the picks they have coming up in this draft, as well as the cap space they will have available, it won't be long before the Cavaliers are back in the Eastern Conference picture.

And that's about the best you can ask for at this stage.

When the Cavs and Heat face, tonight and years down the road, there will always be boo's for LeBron, that's the nature of sports. But even through all the pseudo hate, it will be plane to see that Cleveland, as a whole, has moved on from it's former star.

And maybe, just maybe, we can beat him to winning a Championship.