SUPER Bowl? Not Really, But It’s Not Bad

The final two teams standing may not be the best, but they are the best right now.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the SuperBowl set between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, get set to hear for the next two weeks about how awesome these two teams are. Get set to hear about the great rematch between these two team and about how great Tom Brady and Eli Manning is. In fact, get set to hear every positive you can think of as the NFL spins this matchup into the greatest thing since sliced cheese.

Even though, if you look at the two teams, they really aren't that great.

Look, I get it that both these teams earned their spot in this game, it's not there fault that San Francisco and Baltimore's special teams basically gave them this chance, but let's not kid ourselves into thinking this is some classic matchup between two powerhouses because it's not. In actuality, it a game between two seriously flawed teams that just happened to squeak out of their respective Conferences.

New England is helmed by the golden child of the NFL, Tom Brady. With a win in this game, Brady will go down as arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. He has turned an average at best offensive unit into something potent and unstoppable at times. With no running game and a passing game that is reliant on two tight ends and a possession receiver, Brady has worked a miracle this season and should be listed up there with Houdini and Copperfield because of the illusion cast on all of us that this is a balanced, functional offense.

On the other side of the ball, the Patriots defense is easily one of the worse to ever enter the postseason, let alone the SuperBowl. Ranked next to last statistically, this unit has looked better in their two playoff wins. However, it should be noted that facing a Denver O that is mainly nonexistent and a Baltimore one that is marginally better does not merit my buying into the improvement.

The Pats opponent in this less than SuperBowl. The New York Giants, are either the luckiest team in existence or are the ultimate sandbaggers because after barely squeaking into the playoffs, they have rattled off three impressive wins over very stiff competition. It's hard to knock on this team other than it is very inconsistent in it's own right, having lost 5 out of it's final 8 regular season games before making this epic run.

No, this isn't a historic SuperBowl in regards to where these two teams stand as of this season but it's the one we got and it's a far cry better than some of the other possibilities that were available.

I'm a firm believer of making the best of a bad situation and since this isn't that bad considering the rematch angle of SuperBowl XLII, then it's fairly easy to see this as an enjoyable game between two teams that, well, are less than perfect. And when it all comes down to it anyway, hell, it's the SuperBowl baby!

Doesn't get any better than this!