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Kobe comes up short against the Pacers for 3rd straight loss.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

After LA’s 3rd straight loss Kobe said, “We need a win, it doesn’t matter who we play next.” Ask and you shall receive Mr. Bryant. Next up on the schedule the LA Clippers who handed the Lakers an 8 point loss earlier in the season and are only looking better as the year goes on. I don’t want to jump the to conclusions, but lets just say how’s 4 straight losses feel Kobe?

The Lakers simply look outmatched in many of their games. Monday against the Pacers LA actually jumped out to a quick 1st quarter lead before having a total defensive meltdown in the 2nd and giving up 35 points. Lets keep in mind that LA gave up these 35 points in one quarter to here, the Pacers. That’s right … the Pacers. They’re in Indiana in case you weren’t familiar with them because they haven’t made the playoffs in a decade. We’re not talking about an offensive powerhouse here. We’re talking about a team that invests about 1/100th of the LA payroll and a team the Lakers made look like the Dream Team Sunday.

LA’s offense was clearly a different story. In fact, a lot of their problems have stemmed from offense. The Lakers are averaging just 92 ppg, which gives them the 21st best offense in the league. To make matters even worse, they shoot a measly 25% beyond the arc. Yeah, these aren’t exactly Showtime worthy numbers.

Everyone in LA seems to either not realize the seriousness of their teams’ mediocrity or are simply unable to make any moves. Their were a number of big name moves in the off-season and none of which the Lakers were involved in. Oh, except for giving away Lamar Odom, a potential All-Star for a song and a ham sandwich. All the other moves, LA simply hasn’t been able to pull the trigger. With this years performance anything less than impressive and the Clippers meteoric rise, one can’t help but wonder if LA’s will go after Howard in Orlando with both guns blazing and finally make it happen.