Tale Of The Ailing Mavs

With Carter and Nowitzki out with injuries can the Mavs survive?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Swingman Vince Carter is out indefinitely after a strain of his foot and Dirk will miss 4 games because of his right now. This comes with the Mavs sitting at 10-7 overall and barely playing .500 ball in a Western Conference that appears to be less than impressed with a Dallas lineup searching for answers. 

Starting the season with 3 key losses to Miami, Denver, and Oklahoma, the Mavs hangover from their 2010-2011 championship run is upon them. Now with two key big men out for Dallas they could slip even further down the pack of teams in the West.

With Nowitzki’s 17.5 ppg and Carter’s 9.5 ppg now on the sideline and no guarantee these injuries won’t recur in a season extremely compressed due to the lockout, Dallas fans have good cause to be concerned. One of the biggest reasons these early season injuries are worrisome is because players simply don’t have the time to recover like they would in a normal season. If they are rested, so they can heal-up, the Mavs run the risk of turning a mediocre record into a strap-up bad one.

The Mavs have publicly said all they want to do is make the playoffs and then they are confident they will be in the hunt for another ring. Just make the play-offs? It isn’t often that’s the talk coming from management and ownership of a team that just won it all. Who really believes Dallas doesn’t believe home-court advantage weighs into play-off basketball? Although looking at Dallas’ history of vanishing early in the post-season after coming in as the one seed in the West, I guess this opinion is forgivable.

Whether the regular season matters as little as the Mavs management hopes, they’ll still need healthy knees on Nowitzki and quality minutes from Carter to make a playoff even a glimmer of hope in the lone star state.