Microsoft Points Going the Way of the Dodo?

A recent rumor suggests the end is nigh for Microsoft’s points-based currency system.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


There’s a rumor circulating that Microsoft plans to phase out their MS Points currency system by year’s end. The rumor comes from website Inside Mobile Apps, who claims to have an anonymous source close to the powers that be at Microsoft.

“By the end of 2012, all transactions will be based on the region set on the purchasing account and real money will be used to purchase all Windows Phone content,” claims Inside Mobile Apps. This will not only apply to Windows Phone purchases, but also those on the Zune and Xbox Live marketplaces as well.

Apparently, developers of content for the various platforms (including Xbox Live) are already being told to plan their pricing structures accordingly, taking into consideration the new structure’s 1-to-1 transaction rate.

Keep in mind, Sony has been employing a 1-to-1 pricing structure for digital purchases over the PlayStation Network since day one. Essentially, this is Microsoft catching up with the times and not forcing gamers to buy $20 worth of points when they only want to buy something that’s $15. It’s been a flawed system since the get-go and I’ll be happy to see it disappear by the end of 2012 if the rumors prove to be true.

When asked for a comment, Microsoft declined, stating “we do not comment on rumours or speculation.” By no means a confirmation of the rumor, it does make us hopeful that MS Points will soon be a thing of the past.