G.I. Combat Preview: The Unknown Soldier

Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti give details on their modern-day take on the classic DC character.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

G.I. Combat: The Unknown Soldier

One of the new titles in DC's "Second Wave" of the New 52 is G.I. Combat, which will be replacing Men of War as their military-themed series, which will feature updates of The War That Time Forgot and The Haunted Tank, as well as All-Star Western writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti bringing us a modern-day take on The Unknown Soldier.

“Unknown Soldier is one of the characters I’ve wanted a shot at for years," Gray said, "and while this is a four part story, I truly hope we can do more with it. I really enjoyed what Josh Dysart was doing on his Vertigo book and felt it deserved much greater success. With that in mind Jimmy and I wanted to take the book in a direction that was closer to the original version and add a modern twist to it. Rather than making it a period piece about the Second World War, we’re using the backdrop of the war on terror with a sense of comic book hyper-reality. Unknown Soldier is equal parts military fiction, espionage and sci-fi. Dan Panosian is in the unenviable position of having to illustrate both a grounded human level of storytelling and over-the-top action sequences in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Mexico. The good news is he’s excelling at everything we’ve thrown his way. Its violent, emotional, exciting and with any luck we can bring Unknown Soldier back to the DCU in a way that makes people demand more.”

“Justin and I have been extremely lucky to get offered to write such a cool array of classic DC characters over the years," Palmiotti added, "and The Unknown Soldier is another one we are super excited about. Within this 4-part story, we will be introducing new readers to our take of one of the coolest and enigmatic characters ever presented, adding our own personal twist and turns to the legacy that we think will thrill the readers. We are so thrilled to have working with us Dan Panosian and Rob Schwager , two masters of the craft. Comics are a collaboration in every sense of the word and we think with Dan on art and Rob on color, we have raised the bar once again, presenting not only a unique looking story, but a distinctive representation of atmosphere and storytelling that will instantly pull any reader right into the wild and heartbreaking world we are representing. Our hope is that what we present has a life beyond the four parts and that fans embrace our take on the Unknown Solider.”


Here are a couple of freshly-inked pages of Unknown Soldier artwork from Dan Panosian to whet your whistle.


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