Kobe Cleaned Out

No Pre-nup means Vanessa Bryant will cash in.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Kanye said it best when he penned the lyrics, “Holla we want pre-nup.” It’s a shame Kanye West’s single “Golddigger” came out after Kobe’s wedding. It could have saved the Laker’s star a truck-load of money and when I say truck-load that is not a euphemism, but rather a realistic sized vehicle to carry all of Vanessa’s new found loot.

In defense of Vanessa Bryant, she has stood by her man through some pretty difficult times. It wasn’t that long ago that Kobe was dodging rape and sodomy charges for his little tryst in Colorado. The world kept wondering when divorce papers would drop, but Vanessa stood by her man. In fact, she not only didn’t divorce him, she sat beside him during his teary eyed press-conference where he pledged his remorse.

Fast forward a few years and divorce is in the air. It is reported that Vanessa will get the couple’s three mansions and $75 million for starters. It appears she’s the one with swagger now. Kobe’s reported rampant infidelity and desire to keep said infidelity out of the press is the reason Vanessa holding all the cards this time around.

Hell have no fury like woman scorned … or a basketball wife with a good lawyer for that matter. We can’t help but hope for a break in the Bryant damn that lets some of the juicy details out. Was Kobe dating 3, 4, and 5 Playmates at a time? Did he try and seduce Eva Mendez? Vivica Fox? Condoleezza Rice? I don’t know who’s in Kobe’s closet, but one can’t help but wonder.  


Photo Credit: Flashpoint / WENN.com