Red Dead, Battlefield 3 and More Running on PS Vita via Remote Play

Clever hackers have discovered a way to play major PS3 titles on their PS Vitas.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Videos have cropped up online showing people playing massive PlayStation 3 titles — games such as Battlefield 3, Red Dead Redemption, Mortal Kombat and Batman: Arkham City — on their PlayStation Vitas via Remote Play. This is possible only by hacking into your PlayStation 3 and tricking the firmware (3.55) into believing the Vita is a “mobile phone,” thus allowing remote play functionality.

However, not all is perfect with this hack. Games suffer from some pretty bad latency issues as of right now. Hopefully this is something Sony can help iron out at a later date.

Wait, what’s that? Sony helping fix a hack? Preposterous!

Well, in November of last year, Eurogamer reported that Sony does plan to enable Remote Play for all PlayStation 3 games on Vita at some point after the handheld has launched. The titles will play at 480×272 resolution, with certain titles sporting specific support running at 480p. It just looks like the hackers beat Sony to the punch… for now.

But until Sony officially turns on Remote Play for all PS3 titles on Vita, these hacks will have to suffice. You know, if you feel like running the risk of hacking your system, which voids your warranty and could potentially brick your console.

If you don’t feel like taking that gamble, then just enjoy the below videos until Sony releases something official. Here’s Red Dead Redemption and Battlefield 3 running on a Vita.

[Thanks, Eurogamer!]