The Clock is Ticking for ’24: The Movie’

The long-awaited movie version of the hit TV series goes into production this spring!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

When we last left Kiefer Sutherland in TV's 24… it was season six and we jumped ship like just about everybody else. But the series kept going for some reason until its ultimate cancellation in 2010. Since then, actually before then, Kiefer Sutherland has been pushing for a feature film version of the popular action show, which found CTU agent Jack Bauer fighting terrorists in real time. New Oscar producer Brian Grazer finally confirmed that Sutherland wasn't crazy last April, when he confirmed that 24: The Movie would go into production next year. Now, it appears that he wasn't blowing smoke up our collective butts. Deadline has announced that the film is gearing up for a spring start date.


Two big questions remain unanswered: First, is the film going to take place in real time, or will it cover the span of 24 hours? If the former, that's going to be a bugnuts crazy movie. If the latter, it's going to be a let down, since the real time storytelling device was the only thing keeping 24: The Movie from feeling like just another Jerry Bruckheimer-styled action flick. The other question is, who's going to direct? Apparently Tony Scott attached himself to the project and left already, leaving us wondering who's right for that particular project. Someone who doesn't suck, obviously, but the list of great action directors in the 24 mold are thin on the ground, thin in the air, and just generally rather trim. Who do you think they should hire to translate 24 to the big screen?

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