Funny Pages – Hipsters, Pranksters, Asian Chicks

Hipsters, Pranksters, Homeless guys and hot Asian yoga coachs, Oh my!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

This week starts with some fast and furiously funny shorts, highlights being spy hunter pranksters. Cathy Shim as a hot yoga coach and an awkward moment on first base (sadly not with Cathy Shim.)


Dorkly  – Spy Hunter Pranksters (link)

I have to say one of my all time favorite video games is Spy Hunter. Spy hunter is one of those games you can pull out from time to time and play. Speaking of pulling out, in this dorkly bits original animated short, the pranks begin!


UCB Comedy  – First Base – The Man I Was Traded For (link)

Once again the UCB beta team creates a short an sweet video. This time spoofing major league baseball.

The brig seems to have learned a lesson and now just sets up the joke, hits a quick punch line and bails, leaving you wanting more.


Break  – Sexy And I'm Homeless (link)

This might not be the funniest video of the day, but it’s certainly the biggest WTF.

It’s certainly got that feeling of something you’d see on Tim and Eric’s show, and it’s got a bizarre youtube cast of looky lous. But beyond the odd imagery the lyrics provide almost zero comedy at all. It tries hard to shock and mostly nauseates.



College Humor – Brunchables (link)

This is a case of, wrong medium for the message.

Something’s are meant to be web videos, something’s are not. Everything about the sketch, on paper, seems like it’s great. The production design, the detail and concept… but it just falls flat. It’s not funny; it’s not even really amusing.

I think this would have been more successful as a series of pictures of these great concept products and hipster kids. If your imagination was left to fill in the blanks of what was going on this would be more successful.


Funny Or Die – GYMRATZ TEASER (link)

Well just as I was getting over my nausea from the break video, I thought I’d find my way off to work on my next article… and then I was like “Hey that’s my friend Tony Cavalero in a video…” then I saw his butt… but then everything was ok, because the amazingly beautiful Cathy Shim was there… talking about Tony’s ball sweat.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and occupy that donut box.

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Here’s some bonus fun just in time for the holidays: