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Some great sketches and some equally great hotness

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Once again a day with front page’s full of featured win. The videos being flaunted on the funniest front pages a for real’s a good time to be had. Both with laughter and possible fapp’ter (in the privacy of your own home, you sicko)


Dailymotion  – Good Cop Great Cop – Secrets (link)

Let’s get things off to a great start, with this short and dirt sketch form Good Cop Great Cop. A group of old friends, played by Will Dagger, Alexey Novikov, Carrie Crowell, Susan Slotoroff, and Eugene Oh gather together and confess their dirties secrets to each other. I actually think this sketch could have gone on longer, it was really just getting it’s legs.

see what I did there? Oh baby that was a good one… speaking oh babies. This thing:


Break  – Baby Big Body (link)

The UCB team Diamonds Wow, has this eerily creepy baby infomercial for children who want a unibrow and to pee on ties. At least that’s what I gathered from the ad.


College Humor – Raise Your Hand : Very Mary-Kate (link)

This is what you call the ultimate snow ball sketch comedy video. The jokes just pile on and roll and collect and get bigger, faster and funnier. Something about Elaine Carroll performance as the Ingénue and the easily distressed professor played by Will Hines is an amazing comedy duo. Oh and did you know you can read the whole script on College Humor?


Funny Or Die – Come On in (link)

Here’s another short and sweet video from the Odd Sqodd

so short and sweet it’s almost not that funny. Which is probably why it’s part of a series.. here’s a few more.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and enjoy your weeked!

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