Top 4 shockingly priced iPhone apps

Check out these four cool apps for our friends in the top 1%.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Most expensive apps

.99 and $1.99 with the ubiquitous free app are pricing we've become accustomed to in the iTunes Store. However, a few budget busting apps with price tags in the hundreds do exist, and not all are highly specialized apps for the stage lighting or surveillance crowd. If you have thousands to splurge on apps with reckless abandon, here are the top 4 shockingly priced iPhone apps.

iVIP Black ($999.99) – A small market for lifestyle applications targeting high net worth individuals does exist and iVIP Black is arguably its flagship app. In exchange for the purchase, iVIP extends exclusive offers from high end merchants for reduced hotel room rates, welcome packages, priority access to events, and more. There are savings in many categories of the rich, including personal styling, property, theaters, and personal services. Caveat: you need to provide you have assets worth more than 1.6 million to download!

BarMax CA and NY ($999) – This overpriced bar preparation exam app delivers outlines and audio lectures for every subject with more than 1,000 practice questions and 100 essay questions. It is a decent complement to the ultra expensive $5,000 Barbri courses. Good luck: this app is only available for the NY and CA bar exams, the two bar exams with the lowest passing rates in the country.

PDR Quote ($349) – $349 for a professional quoting tool for auto shops seems like a bargain. More than 800 vehicles are pre installed to quickly create quotes for based on repairs needed. The app can also create invoices.

Oxford Deluxe ($54.99) – Although not one of the most expensive by a long shot, $54.99 for a dictionary is ridiculous. By comparison, the 5th edition American Heritage Dictionary is available for free with the purchase of the $37 book on Amazon. Need we mention Google offers this for free?