Funny Pages – Weekend Update

Here’s what you missed on the front page over the weekend

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Here’s 5 sketches that were featured on the front page this weekend on some of the best comedy sites out there.


Dailymotion  – Family Home Destroyed By Avalanche – Children To Blame (link)

Something about the way this lady handles this whole situation makes me feel like it’s faked. But I guess not everybody is predeposed to tasering children. Whatever, this is why we can’t have nice things, because we don’t taz children!


UCB Comedy  – Can't Sleep (link)

This one is for 18 and up only! It’s fantastic… I mean nice, it’s a nice sketch. Yep. Awkwardly nice sketch.


Atom – Extra Butter, Please: 202 (link)

WTF, parody blogs… I mean vlogs… I mean video blogs, are as lame as the term video blogs. This thing starts off with a minute and a half of pointless. Skip ahead to 1:28 mark and you can watch a slightly less lame, sketch. 3:05 takes you to the 3rd of the twi-lite spoofs sketches, one from the wolf side of things and it’s actually pretty funny.


Dorkly – Link's Yard Sale (link)

When one of our favorite 8-bit hoarders cleans up his life and has a yard sale, comedy ensues! Dorkly always delivers the comedy gold, and I fell like they were just touching on what makes this funny when the whole sketch ends. But I guess that’s what you need, “leave them wanting more”


Funny Or Die – Nice C*ck (link)

This comedy threesome has some poolside fun. Honestly everything about this sketch tells me it’s funny, and yet I just didn’t laugh. Something about the execution of it is off, it could be the directing or the delivery of the lines, I can’t find an actual fault. Could just be an off day. But I think this whole thing should be re done completely.

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and scratch that itch.

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