NFL Wrap-Up: Week 12 South Divisions

Leinart out for the season, Titans keep winning, and it’s final, Indianapolis should be forced to play arena football.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

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AFC South

New Orleans: Off this week (7-3). Next game NY Giants on Monday Night.

Houston Texans 20
Jacksonville Jaguars 13

Yates and Leinart split duty after Leinart goes out with an injured shoulder for Texas and go a combined 18-28 with 127 yards and 1 TD in a completely unimpressive offensive showdown. Jacksonville’s Gabbert and McCown also split duty at QB going a combined 20-40 in the air with 150 total yards and 1 INT. No I didn’t forget TDs, the two Jacksonville QBs couldn’t didn’t get one in what they made look like a Herculean effort. With Leinart possibly out for the season, it’ll be tough for Houston to keep winning.
Carolina Panthers 27
Indianapolis Colts 19

Carolina’s Newton goes 20-27 for 208 yards to win the battle of the ugly in the game of the worst the South has to offer. It’s tough to decide if either team won or one team just sucked more. The Colt’s Painter went a meager 15-29 as these two teams make doing yard-work a viable Sunday afternoon option.

NFC South
Atlanta Falcons 24
Minnesota Vikings 14

Atlanta’s Ryan goes for 262 yards with 3 TD to lead the Falcons to victory. Ten of those receptions went to White who went for 120 yards and 1 TD.  Atlanta dominates with their offense holding onto the ball for over 34 minutes and Minnesota ends up looking like a team without a purpose.

Tennessee Titans 23
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

Johnson dominates on the ground for Tennessee taking 23 carries for an amazing 190 yards. Hasselback struggled on offense only completing 19-34 passing attempt, but the Titans manage to hold on to this evenly fought battle.

Game of the Week
Houston Texans 20
Jacksonville Jaguars 13

This definitely wasn’t the prettiest game of the week or the game with the most impressive offensive attack, but it was a well fought game with lasting implications. With Leinart likely out for the season forcing Houston to go to their 3rd string QB, it will be interesting to see if the Texans can continue to win from here on out. Houston being a defensively minded team is great, but no offense and a new QB this late in the season with nearly no reps is a problem. Could this be the end for the Texans? Maybe drafting some more protection for their 3 QBs is a splendid idea.

Offensive Player of the Week

Chris Johnson – 23 carries, 190 yards: Even though Johnson didn’t get any TDs this week his complete domination of the line of scrimmage and ability to both eat up clock and gain additional yards after his blocking broke down was utterly amazing. Johnson bounced back from a poor week 11 showing of only 13 yards on 12 carries to get back to his normal self. His yards-per-carry this down is only 3.2, down from his amazing career 4.7, but his week he appeared to be the Chris Johnson we know and love. Lets hope more we see more of the latter Johnson as the season moves on.

Defensive Player of the Week

Connor Barwin – 10 Tackles, 7 Solo, 4 Sacks: Barwin goes off as the Titan’s defense comes up big. To say Barwin had a large impact on the Tennessee game this Sunday against Jacksonville is like saying the Road Runner is a just a little accident-prone. Barwin almost single-handedly tore Jacksonville apart with his consistent blitzing and ability to fill holes before they could be exploited. His defensive prowess in week 12 is one of the best defensive showings in the NFL all year.

Division standings

AFC South

Houston Texans 8-3

Tennessee Titans 6-5
Jacksonville Jaguars 3-8

Indianapolis Colts 0-11
NFC South
New Orleans Saints 7-3
Atlanta Falcons 6-5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7
Carolina Panthers 3-8

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