Styling Tips For Dinner With Your Girlfriend’s Family

Make a good first impression with these seven styling tips.

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Dinner with the girlfriend's family can be a pressure-cooker experience, with the parents examining their daughter's choice in men and siblings exploring new territory of mischievous possibility. Follow these simple guidelines and you won't have to worry about being invited back next year!


Holiday Sweater: Pick up a bargain-rack holiday sweater to get in the spirit of the time! This is the one time of year when you're allowed to pick the goofy designs and silly decorations. Have fun with it!


No Rips/Frays: Leave the ripped jeans at home – there's plenty of time for self-expression on your own watch, but while you're trying to make an impression the last thing you want is to appear like you're trying out for a rock band.


Manners! Elbows off the table, chew with your mouth closed, don't talk while eating – a few simple etiquette rules will go a (very) long way when eating dinner with the girlfriend's family. You'll win over their hearts with good posture, respectful table manners and a winning smile.


Tame The Mane: That "just woke up" look won't work when everyone else is dressed their best! Run a comb through it, use a little product and even get a trim to turn the right heads this holiday season.


Minimize Jewelry: You may be proud of your matching his & hers big-hoop earrings, but when making a first impression on the older generation, it may be a good idea to do a little bit of stylistic adaptation. A watch is fine (recommended, even), but leave the necklaces, piercings and excess rings/bracelets at home. An impression of modesty with a mix of class and etiquette will leave them highly impressed. 


Shave: Stubble may be sexy to the girlfriend, but chances are her parents will see it as a sign of sloppiness. Spend a little extra time giving yourself a careful once-over with the razor to make sure your baby-smooth dimples are extra pinchable!


Bonus Tip! Bring a Dish: If your mom's got a few spare minutes to share her tremendous pumpkin cheesecake recipe, you can win some serious points with the potential future in-laws by whipping up a tasty dessert, or even a quick side dish to show your desire to contribute to the meaningful occasion. 


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