7 Bizarre Corporate Training Videos

See the dreaded videos Chuck E. Cheese and Blockbuster employees were forced to watch.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The best way to motivate your under-paid, over-worked drones is to make them watch a cheesy video with terrible acting. There's no sharper logic than corporate logic of the 80s and 90s, when most of the videos below were created. Watching them will teach you the most important skills in life, like rapping about grilling burgers, cleaning the face of Chuck E. Cheese and how to condescend to teenagers:




Part 2

You need to help if you’re talking to an imaginary asshole screen guy.


Chuck E. Cheese

It’s time to Chuck E-cise, you lazy, good-for-nothing teen!



The greatest gift is the smile you give… when you no longer have to work at McDonalds.



YES! Someone talked to me at an Albertson’s!



Yeah, lady. You can bring some pie around later – if you know what I mean! Har har har! I’m talking about sex.




Part 2

Does the time spent stuck in a universe of shitty CG graphics come out of my vacation?




Part 2

Now THAT’S good rapper music!


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