Carrying On

Arizona Wildcats star, Kevin Parrom, is too strong to stop.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

In one month Kevin Parrom, the Arizona basketball star, lost his grandmother, his mother, and was shot in the leg putting his entire basketball future in doubt. Two gunmen broke into his house and had left Kevin with enough bullet fragments in his leg beneath his knee to make his doctors skeptical of where this left his basketball career.

Yet, Kevin’s attitude remains one of determination. “I can’t dwell on what’s happened to me,” Kevin said. “My mom wouldn’t want me to. I’m grateful that I’m still here. All I can do is keep living my life and moving forward.”

Growing up as the star at St. Raymond’s in the Bronx, Kevin was heavily influenced by his mother. “His mom didn’t play around,” said Kevin’s AAU coach, Gary Charles. “She let you know she was there for him and that you weren’t going to walk all over her. I think when you’re a kid and your parents show up you walk a little straighter. That was the way it was with Kevin.”

Eventually, Kevin’s hard work led to an ESPNU guard ranking of No 18 in high school.  This led the standout guard to Arizona, a promised land to high school basketball hopefuls.

Initially, following his mother’s death Kevin told his father he couldn’t return. He was going to put basketball aside for a while. Kevin’s father who was also a major influence in his life, even though he had been separated from his mother for years, wasn’t going to let that happen. Knowing his son’s heart and Kevin’s mom’s wishes made Kevin’s father push him to get back on the court. Now, Kevin is due to lead Arizona against St. John’s this Thursday in the ESPN 2K Classic benefiting Coaches vs. Cancer.