NFL Wrap-Up: Week 11 South Divisions

Finally the NFL shows mercy to Indianapolis with an off week as most of the South gets clobbered.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

AFC South
New Orleans Saints: Off this week (7-3). Next game NY Giants on Monday Night.

Cleveland Browns  17
Jacksonville Jaguars  10

The Browns’ Colt McCoy was seen on the sideline praying on Sunday for some divine intervention and this week Cleveland got it. McCoy went for 199 yards, 1TD, and 1 INT as Cleveland squeaked out a victory. Jones-Drew went for 87 yards and 1 TD to lead the Jacksonville ground game, but  Clevelands Ogbonnaya bested Jones-Drew with 115 yards 1 TD, and the win.

Green Bay Packers  35
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  26

Green Bay’s Rogers goes for 299 yards and 3 TDs to lead the Packers to victory as Tampa Bay languishes in the NFC South with their 6th loss. Tampa Bay’s Freeman actually went for 349 yards in the air himself, but his 2 INTs proved the critical mistakes in this game.

Detroit Lions  49
Carolina Panthers  35

Stafford had a massive game for Detroit posting 355 yards in the air and 5, count them 5 throwing TDs to lead the Lions to the promise land. Newton on the other hand tossed 4 INTs to seal Carolina doom. It’s hard enough to win, but with 4 interceptions it’s damn near impossible. Chalk this one up to rookie mistakes for the young Carolina QB.

NFC South
Indianapolis Colts: Possibly the kindest thing the NFL has done all year was give the Colts the week off at (0-10). Next game against Carolina.

Houston Texans: Off this week (7-3). Next game against Jacksonville.

Atlanta 23
Tennessee 17

Atlanta’s Ryan goes for 316 yards with 1 TD to lead the Falcons to victory. Roddy White caught 6 of those balls from Ryan, posting 146 receiving yards. Even with the victory though, Atlanta looked like they were struggling on offense. This is certainly not the same team as last year.

Game of the Week

Detroit Lions 49 Carolina Panthers 35
Yes, both these team suck, but the game sure was fun to watch. This one was clearly not a defensive struggle. Basically both offenses went wild. Stafford tossed 355 yards in the air with 5 TDs and even the losing Cam Newton went for 280 yards. The only problem with our young Carolina QB was he also went for 4 INTs. Oops. Yeah, that many turnovers is tough to overcome. This game was overflowing with highlights, even though it lacked any tough nosed smash mouth football or potential playoff implications.

Offensive Player of the Week

Nate Washington – 9 Rec, 115 yards, 2 TD: Even though Tennessee came up short against Atlanta, the Titan’s Washington went off for a season best game. His 115 yards off 9 receptions was impressive, but his 2 crucial TDs to try and bring his team to victory are was sealed his slot as Offensive Player of the Week. The key with Washington is to try and keep his play consistent as his streaks of genius remain just hints at the league dominating player he could become.

Defensive Player of the Week

Thomas Keiser – 5 Tackles and 2 Sacks: Keiser out of Stanford might have had more opportunities than most to rack up some stats as this game was most definitely a shoot out, but he still kept the pressure on Detroit’s Stafford and managed to make him eat a little astro-turf twice. In a game between two of the leagues weakest defenses, Keiser managed to standout as an aggressive defensive end that can compete with anyone in the league.


Division standings
AFC South

Houston Texans 7-3

Tennessee Titans 5-5
Jacksonville Jaguars 3-7

Indianapolis Colts 0-10

NFC South
New Orleans Saints 7-3
Atlanta Falcons 6-4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-6
Carolina Panthers 2-8