Historectomy Episode 11 The Native American Jerry Seinfeld, Squanto

We talk about Pilgrims, sniper rifles, and Hobbits! Come celebrate Thanksgiving with these turkeys!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

A man who always looked on the bright side through numerous kidnappings, deportations, and betrayals: Squanto! Learn the TRUTH (or our version of it) about this Native American former slave turned diplomat and negotiator, and why white people are pretty dumb.



Also in this episode: Rifleman and Buzzboy the morning radio DJ's, the true meaning of Squanto's name, our apology for tasteless Native American jokes, Sam sings of the going rate for corn and Native American slaves, Christianity: To The Rescue!, travel sucks in the age of the New World, leptospirosis as the "un-sexy one" of the ancient diseases, Dukes of Hazzard? or Squanto returning to America?, our commentary on Hobbit culture and it's relation to J. Edgar, famous gay little people in literature, Squanto helps the ungrateful little bastard Pilgrim folk who later take his people's land, The Plymouth Rock Log Flume, grade school announcement boards lie, Squanto as the Jerry Seinfeld of his time and pointing out the obvious, Squanto gets kidnapped…again, The Expendables with Miles Standish, sniper rifle technology in the colonies, and "what's the deal with white people?"


Happy Thanksgiving from both of us here at Historectomy! Pour one out for Squanto!


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