7 Cats Massaging Dogs

Cats and dogs, living together, practicing massage therapy techniques.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Cartoons and terrible CG movies have taught me that cats and dogs are the greatest of enemies. However, while dogs and cats might spend a lot of their time chasing each other and swiping at one another’s heads, here’s video evidence that proves a truce between the species is – at the very least – negotiable:


A Friendly Massage Between Pets

Traditionally enemies, occasionally see above.


Wonderful Things

Whatever you want, okay?


Everybody’s Game

The cat didn’t even take his claws out once.


Get In There…

Chasing squirrels up trees would make you tense too.


Elegant Massage

This cat’s got class!


Weird Massage

I think I see where that almost headed.


Happy Ending?

Yikes, I hope not.


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