Mobley Sues Knicks

Former NBA guard Cuttino Mobley sues Knicks in disability discrimination suit.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Seems like the NBA is more comfortable in the courtroom than on the basketball court these days. Cuttino Mobley filed suit in federal court Wednesday claiming that the Knicks saved millions by sending him to a rigged doctor “they knew would disqualify him from playing” due to an existing heart condition after they traded for him in 2008.

Mobley claims by disqualifying him from playing, the Knicks avoided paying $19 million into the NBA’s “luxury tax.” The “luxury tax” is a tax on teams with high payrolls and if the Knicks had kept  Mobley on the roster as they would have been forced to do minus a medical disqualification, they would have been out some serious money. Mobley also claims they did this to create “room under the salary cap” to acquire future marquee players like Carmelo Anthony.

The end-result of the Knick’s doctor disqualifying Mobley was to end his NBA career. The Knicks strongly deny all allegations and claim Mobley’s retirement played no part in their attempts to get under the salary cap in 2008. All I know is organizations have pulled off plenty of sketchy antics for a whole lot less than $19 million dollars. The courts will have to settle this one as both sides appear intractable.