Robert Pattinson Would Hate ‘Twilight’ If He Wasn’t In It

"I just think I'm a bad person," says the Breaking Dawn star. Aw...!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The box office numbers might not support this statement, but not everybody is a fan of Twilight. Some of that sentiment is based on a perhaps unfounded resentment towards the series' ridiculous popularity, and some of it is more reasoned, simply taking issue with the quality of the writing, filmmaking and the validity of the series' themes, which some argue are less-than-positive ideals to present to young women in particular. Personally, I'm one of the latter. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 star Robert Pattinson, he's the former. Or at least he would be if he wasn't in the danged things.

"The people who don't like it are generally the people who haven't seen it," Pattinson told MovieFone. "They're like all judgmental and stuff. Cynical people. But I think I am a judgmental and cynical person, who would just hate it without having seen anything. I just think I'm a bad person."

Ironically, the same video found Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner being very diplomatic about the question, saying that yes, of course they would be fans, etc. Some Pattinson fans might consider this a gaffe, but we think he handled the situation well, appealing to non-Twilight fans whilst backhandedly imploring them to at least see or read the series before they judge. What do you think?

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