Modern Game Journalism: The Movie – The Trailer

“That review was an obvious cry for attention.”

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sometimes nerds get bent all out of shape over review scores that fall below their expectations of what they believe the game deserves. The idea of “opinion” doesn’t really register. That very scenario played out when reviews of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception poured in and Eurogamer gave the title a respectable and justifiable eight out of ten. The Internet exploded, and the funny thing is that most people claiming the review was bulls**t hadn’t even played the game yet.

And that’s we’re Mega64 comes in. The gaming-focused comedy troupe tackled this hot-button subject for their latest short, “Modern Game Journalism: The Movie.” The trailer for the faux film below not only addresses the Uncharted 3 “controversy” head on, but it also does a rather great job showing how quickly the Internet hive-mind can turn into a pack of ravenous dogs when a writer’s opinion doesn’t line up with their own.