The Book Report Podcast #78

Could there be a Justice League movie?  And what's up with Marvel's Point One and Battle Scars?  Find out here.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Batgirl #3

Hi ho!  The Book Report here, with podcast Numero Setenta y Ocho, aka #78 in our long-running series of comic book podcasts.  Comics Editor Andy Hunsaker and Pain In The Ass Iann Robinson are on deck to talk about the latest happenings in funnybooks.

This week, we're touching on Marvel's two big deals in Marvel Point One and Battle Scars, and spending a good deal of time in Gotham City talking about Batwoman, Batgirl and the Penguin.  We'll also discuss a great new release from the Simon and Kirby Library, Black Panther, Uncanny X-Force, Green Lantern, Avenging Spider-Man, Magneto: Not A Hero and more.

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